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By Ron Cusano

A Biblical Foundation For The Troubles 
Soon To Come,  And How To Survive!

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“In The Last Day’s” Series:
Timely Articles, Links and Information about events taking place on the world stage today, as we await the soon return of Israel’s Messiah Yeshua (Jesus


How This Jew
Met The Messiah!

Clara Rubin - A Legacy

Sharing The Gospel With
Jewish Friends & Relatives

Why I Believe The Bible

How To Get Right With God

The Sermon That Caused A National Revival

“The Last Trumpet”- Tommorow News Today! A reprint of a publication written in 1980 about the news headlines we could expect to see just before the return of Messiah Jesus,
based upon Bible prophecy! These events are now appearing in todays news, as these events take place before our very eyes!

Orthodox Rabbi’s Who
Believe Jesus Is The
What Your Rabbi Does 
Not Want You To Read!

Hidden Chapter In 
The Tenach